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Engineering services

With a team of more than 30 engineers, our R&D team is highly qualified for the development of hardware, software and mechanical projects, as well as board layout, debugging, validation and test execution. The process has direct and indirect collaborators, including masters, postgraduates, graduates and technicians.


1. Layout development

The PCB layout is a strategic step that will directly influence the success and viability of the project. We have a specialized team to support and develop the PCB layout for your project.


2. Project Review/Optimization

  • Transform an already conceived project into a product capable of being produced and sold in the market.

  • Analysis and cost reduction for finished products.

  • Analysis and correction of problems.

  • Design optimization in order to speed up the assembly process.

  • Obsolescence item check.


3. Jigs Development

The Jiga is a structure designed and assembled in order to submit the boards to functionality tests, with the objective of discarding any abnormality in the circuit.


4. Deployment of Product Connectivity (IoT)

As a Parks group company, we have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of telecommunications equipment. We are able to implement any type of connectivity to the products. For example, 3G/4G data network connectivity, Wi-Fi, NFC, among others.

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