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About MyEMS

MyEMS operates in the segment ofassembly of third-party electronic boards, integrating all stages of production, from the acquisition of components, import and customs clearance, to final tests.

A company of the Parks group, which has been operating in the electronics industry for over 55 years. Quality in the production process - Assembly of Electronic Boards. From agribusiness to hospital equipment, passing through livestock and the automotive line, MyEMS always aims at quality and excellence in its processes, meeting the most diverse customer demands.

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With a structured workflow recognized by its suppliers and customers, MyEMS is careful and at the same time ambitious when redesigning and analyzing new processes and procedures.

Working from the entry of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, based on ISO9001:2015, the MyEMS team seeks to provide excellence in all electronic board assembly processes, so that the final product reaches the customer exceeding the quality expected by him .

Product quality begins upon receipt, when the raw material is inspected and tracked. The most sensitive electronic board products, such as BGAs, memories, processors, QFPs and Ultra-fine pitches, undergo rigorous baking and drybox processes, thus re-establishing adequate humidity levels for the manufacturing process. ​

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Foto estoque de suprimentos

Foto expedição estoque e testes 

Quality continues to be present at the factory through monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment. ESD prevention care is present throughout the entire manufacturing area, with everyone involved in the process using the appropriate equipment, such as bracelets, heel pads, lab coats and antistatic gloves. MyEMS recommends to all its customers that, in order to guarantee the quality after mounting the electronic board, the IPC/ESDA Standard is followed.

At MyEMS we have three SMT lines, which serve the production of any type of electronic board.​

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Foto Linha de montagem MyEMS

In the automated lines, we always try to use the best tools, such as, for example, special stencils, which make the transfer of the solder paste to the PCB as perfect as possible. This perfection is verified by the 2D and 3D inspections, carried out by specific machinery of the lines. Our Pick & Place machines assemble components of the most varied types of encapsulation, including 01005 (imperial code), meeting the demands of the market. The top/bottom reflow ovens, in addition to carrying out the usual control of the heating and cooling zones, also monitor exhaustion, further guaranteeing the quality of the assembled board. The furnaces of the MyEMS lines have the capacity to produce with lead free materials (lead free), already suitable for the ROHS directive.

At the end of the production process, we guarantee the quality of the assembly with an AOI (automatic optical inspection), combined with a visual inspection carried out by a technician.

In assembly, we have technical professionals qualified to operate with PTH components. Just as we ensure the quality of tools on automated lines, in manual complementation we also work with the best inputs.​


As the last stage of the manufacturing process, the MyEMS Testing and Quality Control team performs functional tests on the boards, according to the customer's needs. For this reason, we instruct our customers to provide jigs that perform the most thorough tests possible, ensuring that 100% of the products are validated before being shipped to customers.​


Within MyEMS, this is how we achieve total quality: teamwork; following standards and parameters (ISO9001:2015); qualified professionals capable of meeting the most demanding acceptance rates of their customers on a daily basis.

Do you want total quality in your products?
Come be part of MyEMS!
Come ride with us!​

Certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2015​ standards

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