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Electronic Assembly


MyEMS has flexible business modalities according to your needs.

• Turnkey – We provide all raw material and labor service;

• CKD – The customer supplies the raw material and we supply only the labor;

• Hybrid – The Customer provides part of the raw material and we provide the rest, in addition to labor.

1. Assembly of boards with SMD and PTH technology

Our production lines have a structure to assemble boards in accordance with SMT (SMD components) and THT (PTH components) technologies.

2. Encapsulatements

We are able to assemble boards with all types of packages, such as BGA, Fine-Pitch, Micro BGA, Micro QFP, 0201, 0402.

3. Assembly of plates with welding

automated or manual

The welding of PTH components is done on a machine, but according to the project, if necessary, we are also able to carry out manual welding.

4. Integration of boards into final products

(box building)

MyEMS performs complete product integration, with plate assembly, mechanical integration into cabinets, labeling and packaging.


5. Functional tests

We perform functional tests on the mounted boards for process validation in order to guarantee the delivery of the product according to the contract.


6. In Circuit Test (ICT)

The Circuit Test System (ICT) locates manufacturing defects such as solder shorts, missing components, incorrect components, and open connections.

Despite the failure percentage being very low in the assembly process, we also offer this feature to customers who choose to carry out this test on their products.

7. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

The Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is a test based on images captured and analyzed by precision equipment capable of identifying imperfections and defects in the welds of components.

8. Conformal Coating

It is the application of a thin polymeric layer that, in addition to promoting electrical insulation of the board and its components,, also protects from moisture, dust and other oxidizing substances.

9. Burn-in

The Burn-In test consists of stressing the board, already assembled with its proper components, at high temperatures, sufficient to reduce its mean time-to-failure (MTTF). This information will then be used to predict its behavior under normal operating conditions, as well as define acceptable operating limits.

10. NPI (New Product Introduction)

It is understood that NPI is the process consisting of a set of temporary activities responsible for the introduction of a new product in the sales portfolio of a company, a process that is carried out before the production of the product, being finalized when it passes to mass production.


11. RMA – Return Merchandise Authorization

Covers support with RMA reverse logistics relying on product or firmware updates, as well as repairs for in-warranty or out-of-warranty items.

12. Tropicalization of products and tax incentives (PPB - Basic Production Process)

This is the detailed analysis of the project, in which its viability is verified in relation to the adaptation to local technical norms, availability of resources and labor; to the suggestion of changes and solutions that allow a better cultural adaptation or execution of the project in Brazil.

We have extensive experience with government agencies in making tax incentives available for your product, following the rules of the Information Technology Law and the rules of the PPB (Basic Productive Process)


13. IPC Certification

All our teams are certified in the international standard for electronic board assembly (IPC)


14. Customized packaging

We develop, together with the client, customized packaging for their products.


15. Assembly line optimization

Teams allocated on each lineassembly to optimally meet the needs of each product.

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